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The Princess of Quite A Lot
Gabrielle dressed as a Princess
Coton Gabrielle at ten weeks old
Gabrielle is a very original Coton
Princess Gabrielle on her estate
My name is Gabrielle III de Luippold. I am the first coton owned by the family and my mom, Cathy, refers to me as “The Princess of Quite A Lot.” She says this is from artwork by Mary Englebrite and she has photos of me in a frame with a Mary Englebrite card of The Princess of Quite A Lot.

Since my mom had waited almost twenty years for a coton, before she finally brought me home, I believed I had a lot to live up to. She knew I was a companion dog, so the family carried me everywhere with them. The family had just moved into their new house before bringing me home - which they tell me was the reason they got the house together, each leaving their old houses behind so I would have a better place to live and play.

I saw my new moms and pop a lot before I ever went to their home. They came to see me as a new puppy and became great friends with my dad, Jim. My Coton mother is Lili and my father is Marius. I have two wonderful aunts, Cosette and Eponine (we call her ‘Po.) Even though I knew my new family and I like them, I was very nervous to leave my mom and dad and Jim. My mom, Katherine, brought a blanket with her on the day they were to take me home. She put the blanket down and let my litter mates, mom and dad and my aunts lay on it so it would smell like home.

I was held and cuddled a lot, but Buster, a big Bichon, soon egged me on. He was, and is, the communicator. He didn’t like to run like I do, but he would play with me for a while. Bernstein was afraid to step on me because he kept looking around when he ran for his frisbee. That was nice of him, don’t you think? He knew I was a Princess.

My new family and my old family got together a month after I was at Lily Hill at a big state park. At first
I was shy with them, but my mom and dad and aunts reminded me of who they were and we were off and running again. We played tag until we could not run any more.

My new family then determined that I needed more Cotons to play with me so we could run like the wind. Buster just got winded when he ran and Bernstein could chase the frisbee for hours but did not know how to play tag.

First they brought Sasha home, then Truffles. While I was being married off for my first litter of puppies they brought Lily home. I was not too happy about having a second princess in the house, but eventually, I called a truce.

Shortly after that, I had my first babies. The humans called them Aurora and Jazzman. Jazzman left after a couple of months to become the Prince of his own home, with Bonnie and Tony. Tony is a wonderful singer and Bonnie is a clothing designer so Jazz travels the world with them. Aurora is still with me. Can we talk? Kids! She sometimes behaves so boldly that I am ashamed of her, but Katherine says she is “irrepressible!” I do lay down the law now and then, but it’s pretty hard to say “No” to your kids, isn’t it?

I plan to have more children and do the best I can raising them. The family has every book ever published, I think, and they keep reading to me. I try to let them know that there are just some things you cannot learn out of a book. With time and patience, I believe I can get my humans to catch on!

If you come to visit, I will be the one stretched out on my back with my legs in the air, just waiting for a belly rub. I might be running through the yard, or strolling with Buster or lying near my new best friend, Lily. I will be glad to show you how to treat royalty - with lots of hugs and kisses.

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