A Princess in Waiting
I am the littlest member of the Lily Hill Cotons. I was born here at Lily Hill on the 30th of June, 2000. In my litter was the famous world traveler, Jazzman, my brother. His human parents are famous, and he gets to go everywhere, usually by plane. His daddy is a jazz singer, and he even wrote a song about Jazzman. They are coming to visit me in a few weeks, maybe Tony will sing me the new song.

MY papa is also famous. He is Champion Diabolo Swing One Man Show, and he lives in Canada. I got to visit him this spring, it was a nine hour drive to his home. We took long morning walks together on a huge frozen lake. I was a little afraid of all of his many Coton friends, because I didn’t know them, but they were all very nice to me. They played ball on the lake, and scampered in all directions, leaping to catch the ball. It was fun.

My mom is Gabrielle III of Luippold. She has taught me many things about being a little princess. At home, I am the baby. I have to warn all the other dogs, with my largest growl, not to trip
over me. They can be very rowdy sometimes and I am not as big as they are. I don’t like to play rough because I am a little princess.

My job is to follow my human mom, Katherine, everywhere, in case she needs me. I am always beside her, at the ready. I keep her feet warm. I sleep on a cushion beside her bed, and jump up to lick her face to say good morning when she wakes up. I have an enormous garden to run in. I can fetch a tennis ball, and can bring it back. I can run after, Bernstein, my yellow lab, when he goes after a frisbee. I really like to run.

I am also learning about showing. My first dog show, I was very new to a leash, I was only three months old. I walked with Katherine around a ring. Sometimes I forgot what I was doing, and I sat down. I wasn’t supposed to. BUT I did win this great big “Best Puppy in Show” ribbon. I have a photo to prove it, with the judge and Jim and Cathy and Katherine. I did not win anything at my second show. I will try again, I have been practicing very hard.
Coton Rory with littermate Jazzman
Coton Aurora wins Best in Show puppy
Coton Aurora with grandfather Marius

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