Princess Li'l Bit
When I first came to Lily Hill in Connecticut I had already been much traveled. I began my life in France and came to Quebec in Canada as a small puppy. I am originally from Chaumiere du Lac in France where they called me Philea. My mom, Cathy, started calling me Princess Li’l Bit because I am small and delicate. I became Lily as a derivative of Philea because of the way Philea sounds and because it’s just like the name of the beautiful flowers that grow all over our garden.

The other princess, Gabrielle, did not like me too much at first, but we have become friends. My jobs are to watch carefully over the older dogs at Lily Hill and to greet new humans and make them feel welcome. Taffy, the old bichon who recently passed on to the large garden with endless treats, was a full time job. Gabrielle and I took turns washing her and I would lie beside her during the cold winter days and nights to keep her warm. I also make sure my great friend Bernstein the Labrador is clean around his mouth and ears. I do not snuggle as much with Buster because I am afraid he might accidentally step on me and that could be a catastrophe! But seriously, Buster and I are great friends also.
We often lie out on the back deck in the sun together with Gabrielle.

The moms and pop have taken me to shows but I do not care to show off like that. It is better that Truffles and Aurora have that job because they don't mind showing off in front of big crowds of people.
Now I am going to be a mom. I am going to have my first litter of puppies almost at the same time as Gabrielle is to have her second litter! We spend a lot of time sleeping and we get extra good morsels in our healthy meals to tempt us to eat well. Then we sleep and get exercise, all of the important things to do when one is to have puppies.

My Pop, Jim, calls me the cherry on the sundae because I like to lay atop the pillows on the sofa, chairs or on the bed. When people come to see us though, I am right there to tell them all about the Coton de Tulear. I sit in their laps or nuzzle their necks and give plenty of kisses. With my big eyes, I can see into people’s hearts and know what they need for me to do to make them feel better. I really do have the best job at Lily Hill.

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