A Tail of Two Cities
Photo of Coton Picasso in Lac Nominingue
Photo of Coton Picasso practicing for a show in Connecticut
This is my Tail of Two Cities although I must caution you that if you travel to Preston, Connecticut in the USA or Lac Nominingue in Quebec, Canada you won't find much of a city in either location. You will find two great kennels and lots of nice Coton de Tulear, and so je commence.

I was born in France in March of 2001. When I was just eight weeks old I traveled to Canada with my two sisters. There was a big kennel in a home beside a beautiful lake with evergreens and huge white birch trees running down to the water. My new family was the very nicest anywhere. They really understand and enjoy their Cotons. I felt right at home from the beginning.

It was VERY cold in Canada. So cold that we were able to take our early morning walks on the ice of this huge frozen lake, some 12 miles long. All of the other Cotons that lived with me played fetch and ran after eachother with our human mom, Sara. As it got warmer we had to be content to play on the terrace and in the grass beside the water. We got lots of exercise every day.

I also started training to become a show dog. I have to walk proudly, and remember to hold my tail up high. Sometimes I am nervous about all the new smells, and noises, and all of the other kinds of dogs at a show,
and my tail drops. I am working hard on this. I also have to stand on a little table so that the judge can examine me. He needs to feel the structure of my body underneath my big fluffy coat. He needs to be able to examine my teeth and my bite. I have to stand like a statue. Then I get to walk all around a ring, sometimes in a circle and sometimes in a triangle. I am very good at following my human. It’s the tail that gives me trouble. But I am very new to this game.

In October, when I was seven and a half months old, Sara called her friends Cathy, Jim and Katherine in Connecticut to ask them if I might live part of the year with them. She knew my new family would love me, and spend a lot of time with me, and finish training me for the show ring. It was very hard for her to say good-bye to me because we love eachother especially.

My new family however, is lots of fun. I have a couple of acres to run on, with woods even around the edge of much lawn. I usually manage to bring inside rose canes with thornes or dry leaves tangled in my coat There are balls to chase, and toys to yank out of eachothers mouths, and lots of lively Cotons to run with. There is nothing like a game of football with a Coton puppy for the football! Life is never dull for me..

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