Gabrielle is a tri-color Coton. Both of her litters arrived on June 30th, so all of her pups have the same birthday.
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Gabbie is our first Coton de Tulear. She is fully aware of this fact and will not hesitate for a moment to remind the other Cotons.

She captured us with her lovely gazing brown eyes. Even as a little puppy she would look straight into you, not just at you. We call her "Princess of Quite A Lot" surrendering the status which she has assumed is rightfully hers.

Gabbie is a wonderful ambassador for the Coton breed. A couple we met while they were puppy browsing, stopped by for a visit to meet their first Cotons. The woman is an avid jogger and was happy to see what an athletic and cheerful dog the Coton

is. Her husband thought of himself as a big-dog person and really was more accustomed to spending time with a retriever type of dog.Gabbie took matters into her own paws. She hopped up into this fellow's lap and looked directly into his eyes. The poor guy never had a chance. A month later our friends had a Coton of their own.

Gabrielle is definitely the boss of the kennel. She is willing to let our stud Truffles think he is in charge, but he's just a male so what does he know. Whenever the issue is in doubt all the other dogs give way to Gabrielle. After all, she is a princess.


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