Lily has the cheerful demeanor and love of life that are so characteristic of the Coton.
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photo of Lily

Lily is a real sweetheart. She is always cheerful and loves to give kisses. She even gives little kisses to the other Cotons. She particularly dotes on Bernstein our Labrador retriever.

Lily has the real joie de vivre that is characteristic of the Coton. Her happiness is really contagious. Lily is very playful and loves to run in the yard with the pack. She also loves to retrieve the tennis ball for you. Lily is petite compared to the other girls, but her irrepressible spirit keeps her right in the middle of all the games.

We place a premium on temperament at Lily Hill Cotons and we find that

we measure all the other dogs according to her disposition.

The Coton de Tulear is considered a first class therapy dog by the French, bringing cheer and hope to the infirm and elderly. As long as Lily is in our house, we'll be smiling. She wouldn't have it any other way.

We at Lily Hill are all smiles in the summer of 2001 because Lily and Truffles blessed us with a litter of five adorable Coton puppies.


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