Sasha is Lily Hill's scamp. He is both intelligent and curious. This leads to many funny situations.
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Sasha is our first male. When some friends from Massachusetts needed a puppy sitter for their Coton, we noticed how Gabrielle perked up and had more fun playing. Cotons all seem to know the same games and really need their playtime.

In addition to our Cotons we own a Bichon and a Yellow Lab, but they just don't have the same temperament as the Coton de Tulear. So we decided that Gabbie needed a playmate.

Sasha is by far the most clever Coton we have. He is extremely good at obedience. He also has an insatiable curiosity which of course gets him into many funny situations.

The other dogs don't mind going to class, but Sasha just thrives on learning new stuff.

Sasha is also extremely vocal. We have no idea what he's saying most of the time, but it seems like he's always trying to have a conversation with you. You can actually watch him get frustrated when you can't figure out what he's trying to tell you.

Sasha is a very dedicated companion and will play fetch with you for as long as you can stand it. He retrieves as well as our Labrador without droolling on you.


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