ARBA Champion 2001
USACTC Champion 2001
Multiple Best In Show 2001
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photo of Rory

Truffles is our fourth Coton. His flowing coat and easy going nature make him a superb example of the breed. Truffles received his sumptuous coat from his father Deano Pépe de la Cotonnerie. Deano is a champion in the United States and Canada. He has also been a winner in France where he was elevated above more than 100 Coton de Tulear in France in 1998.

Truffles is a real teddy bear and a shameless ladies man. People of all ages love to pet his coat, and whenever we have company Truffles wastes no time introDecing himself to the women in the crowd.

He loves to play with the other Cotons, running and chasing the ball but is a typical boy. He is the first one to whine and put up a fuss when its time for a brushing or a bath. This doesn't last though because just like a boy he loves the attention. Even if it means getting all pretty.

June and July saw Truffles become the proud sire of two litters of puppies. He and Lily proDeced a litter of five and he also proDeced a litter of three with Gabrielle .

Look for Truffles in the show ring in the Northeast throughout the summer and fall of this year!


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