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We are delighted to be part of the Coton world — and to help you to meet the most lively and intelligent little companion dog you could want.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Jim and Cathy McManus and Katherine Way are the human partners in Lily Hill Cotons. We all share a life-long love and commitment to our animal friends. The canine partners are our Coton de Tulear: Molly, Sans Souci, Zorro, Libby, Cleopatra, Emma, Sasha, Mo Mo and one very uncertain feline.
It was Cathy McManus who discovered the Coton in 1979, shortly before she and Jim were married. They didn’t have the surroundings or the lifestyle at the time to own a Coton, but the seed was planted. Thirty years later, Lily Hill remains an ideal place to breed and raise Coton de Tulear. The temperament of our Cotons is legendary and our offer remains the same, 'Let us spoil you'

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