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The Coton is a fascinating dog. They are loyal and devoted to their family and are extremely affectionate. You will be covered by Coton kisses without end. They are extremely bright and able to easily communicate their desires. They are alert and curious and will bark to signal a warning - but do not continue to bark excessively.

The Coton de Tulear is an athletic breed. Because of its size, temperament and lack of shedding, it is often considered the ideal apartment dog. However, it is often misrepresented in dog guides as having little need for exercise beyond a walk. In truth, this breed needs to run. Therefore, city dwellers are well advised to find a
fenced in park area, so that the dog is able to run freely, off leash.
No matter where the Coton resides, a fenced in area, whether it is the homeowner’s yard or the apartment dweller’s dog park, where the coton is safe from predators (i.e. not an invisible fence) will keep the Coton happy and healthy.

Because Cotons love to run, most of them are always up for a game of fetch. They love frisbees and balls to chase and return. They will play this game for as long as the human is game. Our Coton, Truffles, will take a ball in his mouth, flip the ball out and then chase it. Sasha prefers to tug on our shoe laces to get us to play with him. They LOVE to play!

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