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Your Coton is going to need to be brushed and combed several times a week when it is still a puppy. The coat is short and soft and mats just do not happen. Your brushing and combing and bathing is to prepare the puppy to accept the longer grooming sessions necessary as he grows up. Make it a relaxing time for your puppy, and hand out treats when it is over.

At seven or eight months the coat will change into a adolescent coat. This coat is not as long or as full as an adult coat, but now there will be mats in the fur, usually in the undercoat which is thickening. Many books on dog breeds report that there is no undercoat. While the Coton’s undercoat is different from, for example, a Labrador’s, there is one and it will turn to felt against the dog’s skin if the dog is not thoroughly combed. Now you must comb and brush daily, or at least every other day.

The adult coat comes in at around fifteen months. You should go over your dog with your hands when you pet him looking for lumps in his coat, so that you can attend to them promptly.

There is a great article on grooming on the USACTC web site.
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One more thing . . . although it you might not considered this a regular grooming chore, brushing your Coton’s teeth weekly will help to prevent many medical problems later on in the dog’s life. Tartar build-up and tooth decay can lead to infection which is carried in the dog’s bloodstream harming vital organs. Most veterinarians are now recommending twice weekly teeth brushing sessions.

There are different types of brushes from ones that are placed on the fingertip to long toothbrushes similar to human’s - but small enough and shaped for a dog’s mouth. And, best of all, there is beef-flavored tooth-paste (among others!!) Following this weekly regimen, most vets will look at the dogs’ mouths during routine visits and suggest a thorough cleaning if there is more build-up than regular brushing can handle.

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