The Coton is 8 to13 inches in height at the withers, and weighs 10 to 15 lbs. The female is slightly smaller than the male and more delicate in appearance. White is the predominant color of the coat, with beige or soft champaign markings on some dogs, usually on the ears. Tri-color Coton have white, beige and black marks, usually quite faint. These marks are much more pronounced when they are still puppies, but after the long coat of the adult comes in they fade. There are even dogs with a great deal of black on them, but at this time these dogs can not be entered in confirmation shows, as the dog is supposed to look like a white dog.
The coat is about 3 to 6 inches long, and has a cottony feeling, rather than a silky one. There is almost no shedding. There is a change in the coat as the adult coat comes in and the undercoat can easily mat. Refer to the grooming section for more information.

The coton is very active with excellent stamina. They enjoy play or excercise for extended periods. On close inspection the Coton is well muscled and generally will maintain good eye contact. Highly intelligent, the Coton is known for its cheerful disposition. Life span ranges from 12 to 18 years.

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