Your Coton will make the greatest of travelers, if you take a little time and prepare him for it. Rides in the car from an early age will train your puppy to enjoy them. Start on quick errands, maybe to pick up a quart of milk, when you only get out of the car for a short time. Watch the temperature in the car, however. It can overheat very quickly in certain seasons. If you need to be able to take a plane with your dog, or even just use public transportation, you will need to buy a Sherpa bag. This is like a woman’s handbag, sized for your dog, with mesh sides so the dog can see out and get adequate ventilation. Some of them even have wheels so that you can pull them.
One of our puppies left us in New England and drove with his new family to New York City. Three days later he was off on a plane for Florida, and has crossed the country backwards and forwards by now. A good long tiring walk before being put in his Sherpa bag with a favorite chewing thing (marrow bone, rawhide, pigs ear) keeps this traveler quiet. A nice stewardess, and the dog is under a blanket on a lap, sleeping. I know of another Coton who has been to Paris for a vacation. They are happy to be with you, and ask nothing more.

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