It is important to begin training your puppy as soon as you bring her home. Use positive reinforcement in training your Coton. She wants to please you, and just needs to know what you want. Start with a Puppy Kindergarten class at about 16 weeks old. You'll be with other dogs (a good socializing experience) so get a Bordatella shot for kennel cough. We take our dogs to class even though there are many dogs here, so large dogs don't scare them at dog shows .

Continue with basic obedience, and intermediate obedience. You could probably stop there. But it is a lot of fun for you and the dog to continue. Try Agility Training, the dogs use ramps, tunnels, see saws, and jump through rings, on command. Advanced obedience will have your dog off leash. Take your spouse, and children. The entire family needs to follow the same method and practice with the dog.
Play “fun comes” as soon as you get your new puppy. “ROVER, COME “ in a high excited voice should bring the pup to you. “GOOD DOG” and a tiny piece of a favorite treat. Then have another family member call the puppy, and have them again offer praise and a tiny piece of a treat. You can hide in another room and call the pup’s name, again the praise and the treat. Do this each day a few times, and soon your puppy will be racing when you call.

Having a dog who will come to you no matter what, could save her life when she is about to run into danger and you need to stop her. This is the most important lesson after housebreaking.

It would also be nice to have a dog who will sit by your side, go down on command and stay there, go through doors only when you say so, not jump on guests as a greeting.
Finally, don't use a choke collar, or a prong collar on your Coton. It will tangle with the fur, producing a bare neck. Worse, it can cause a collapsed trachea in small dogs. And lastly, you simply do not need that level of correction with this breed. They learn very quickly, want to please you, and need positive reinforcement (a treat, not a threat). START TRAINING EARLY. Don’t wait until your dog is grown.

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