Photo of Lily Hill's Nellie Thursday 'Cricket'
The Coton is quite easy to housebreak. All you have to do is to offer him the opportunity to go outside often enough when he is being trained. A puppy will need to go out the first thing in the morning, after he wakes up from a nap, after he plays, after he has a drink or after eating. If you take him outside and praise him when he eliminates, you will set up a pattern that he will follow of his own accord. You can even take him to the same place in the yard each time you go out and he will use this place as his bathroom. Many people also want to paper train their dog. It is surprising how quickly your dog will ask you to let him out, by going to the door and scratching or circling or barking. Listen for his signal whatever it is, he is actually training you, not the other way round, to respond to his needs.
We suggest crate training your puppy!!!! This is the best way to housebreak your companion and to keep her safe when you cannot keep an eagle eye on her. She can sleep in her crate, beside your bed if you choose. As soon as you wake up, lift her out, and take her outside. Do not put her on the floor first, unless you want to paper train. You can leave it open and leave a soft blanket or a piece of polar fleece inside and it will become her den, her safe place, when she is older. You can buy a water dish that clips onto the wire of the crate door, eliminating spills.

Before you know it your dog will be housebroken. It just requires some initial time investment, which can not be skipped.

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