The Coton de Tulear is a friendly and engaging companion dog, always in good spirits. It is an ideal family dog, spunky, and eager to learn, easy to train. It is extremely devoted to its people, and happy to please you. Above all else it wants nothing more than to be included in ALL of the family activities. It is curious and adaptable, loving both vigorous walks, romps, games and curling up at your feet, or behind your head on the sofa back. A true companion who always wants to do exactly what you are doing! You should see me pulling a garden hose watering my plants, with two Coton behind me also pulling on the hose (in another direction).
Many Cotons love to swim!!!! One Coton we know jumps in the bathtub every night with her little girl! If her family wants her dry, we have to pick up all of the water dishes when she visits or she will take a dip!! None of our Cotons have the water gene (but a couple of them think that mud is just great and they love to garden).

In between antics, the Coton is a dedicated companion. Coton kisses are famous far and wide. Our Aurora loves to lay on our feet - as soon as we stand still for a minute, she curls up at our feet. It is often chilly on Lily Hill, so we enjoy the extra warmth!

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